Contract manufacturing

LLC "BUTIS" taking orders as a contract manufacturer for the following works:

  • Installation and commissioning of radio equipment and appliances PCH-, HF

and Microwave ranges;

  • Installation and commissioning of electrical devices;
  • Electric and radio measurements;
  • Installation of chips and chips in a metal-to-metal the housing of all types;
  • Splicing chips chips in an aluminum housing, and / or gold microwires by

ultrasound and / or thermocompression welding;

  • Sealing metal-to-metal enclosures and means all types of chips laser sealing seam,

capacitor welding, resistance welding;

  • Execution of operations vacuum deposition of different metals dielectric plate;
  • Execution of operations of photolithography and selective liquid etching.
Предприятие «полного цикла» и на 100% локализовано в России в части разработки и производства фильтров на ПАВ.
Разработка и изготовление осуществляется на собственном производстве в Москве в кластере «Микроэлектроника» ОЭЗ «Технополис Москва».
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