About us
Research-and-Production Enterprise BUTIS, Ltd. develops and manufactures band-pass radio-frequency filters on surface acoustic waves (SAW filters) and devices based on them since 1990s.  The close cooperation with our customers allows understanding their needs and requirements to our products.  Working together, we have achieved a high quality in a wide product portfolio, which brings us the loyalty and respect of our clients.
The innovation advantages of our products reflect the trend to higher frequencies and miniaturization of design.  Our SAW filter production is based on the long-term experience, cutting-edge developments and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

The technological capacities of BUTIS, Ltd. ensure manufacturing band SAW filters with the following main electric parameters:

  • Nominal frequency fnom :         20... 3330 MHz;
  • Bandwidth at (-1...-3 dB) :         0,1% ... 80% of  fnom ;
  • Out-of-band signal suppression :     up to 60 dB (from fnom) in rejection bands;
  • Minimum insertion attenuation : from 1 dB;
  • Maximum amplitude ripple in the passband : from 0,1 dB;
  • Group delay ripple in the passband : from 5 ns.
  • Production output : up to 250 ths. pcs. filters per month.

The basic team of experts in BUTIS, Ltd. has more than 30 years of experience in the development and batch production of SAW filters for civil and defense applications. A number of staff has PhD and Doctoral degrees; they own patents and author's certificates.  Working with us, you may be sure to receive a high-grade technical, methodological and consultation support.  The specialists of BUTIS’ Design Department are ready to consult you on any question of development, mounting and exploitation of the manufactured products.

The company’s Quality Assurance System meets ISO 9001-2001.  The quality of products is controlled at all manufacture and assembly stages.  Before being delivered to customers, the filters are submitted to acceptation tests, qualification tests, periodical tests, hermiticity tests and other trials, which provides for more assurance in their high quality.

During the years of operation, BUTIS has received minimum reclamations.  Our specialists are always ready to analyze the failed filters and to replace them for free, according to the analysis’ results.

We appreciate each partner, independently of capacities.  Among our customers are both big companies and SMEs.  We try to find an individual approach to each client.  BUTIS, Ltd. is a reliable supplier for leading radioelectronic enterprises of Russia.  A rich R&D potential, flexible pricing, implementation of novel technological processes, high professionalism of the staff ensure a reputable place taken by BUTIS at the market of piezoelectronic products.

Предприятие «полного цикла» и на 100% локализовано в России в части разработки и производства фильтров на ПАВ.
Разработка и изготовление осуществляется на собственном производстве в Москве в кластере «Микроэлектроника» ОЭЗ «Технополис Москва».
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